Luxury Tours to discover Paris’ History

Are you interested in History ? Experience Paris’ History with our Luxury Private Tours : just relax and enjoy, we organize for you the perfect-custom tailored Historic Luxury Tour.

Paris is certainly one of the world’s capitals that has the richest and most varied History. For centuries, the “City of Light” even had the status of “Capital of the world”. For anyone interested in History, Paris is the ideal destination to explore.

Our historic Luxury Tours are custom-tailored : your Personal Guide takes you to the heart of Paris, on a trip through centuries…

Paris History Luxury Private Tour - Marie Antoinette Luxury Private Tour

Paris History Luxury Private Tour - Marie Antoinette

Luxury Tours : Paris’ History

During its History, Paris has always been located at a crossroads between land and river trade routes, in the heart of a rich agricultural region, ensuring the development of the city.

Paris was occupied since prehistoric times (mainly at “Ile de la Cité”). At Roman times, the city was called Lutetia. Then, Paris became the capital of France in the 5th century under the reign of King Clovis, who is considered the founder of the Kingdom of France. The city will then be the seat of powerful kingdoms that dominated Europe and even the world, with Kings like St. Louis (who built Notre Dame cathedral in the 11-12th centuries), François Ist, Henri IV, Louis XIV (the builder of Versailles castle) and emperors, like the famous Napoleon, or the modern Napoleon III. 

The city will also be marked by famous women, like Marie Antoinette or Josephine …

Paris History Luxury Private Tour - Versailles castle Luxury Private Tour

Paris History Luxury Private Tour - Versailles castle in the XVIIth century

Historic Luxury Tours to discover Paris : enjoy a custom-tailored trip !

From the Roman ruins to the most modern buildings and castles, we make your Luxury Tour more lively : you experience History, discover the life of men and women, buildings and exciting events, which have made History. Whether to visit some historic highlights or hidden jems, you will be surprised!

Your Luxury Tour is entirely custom-tailored: depending on your requests, we adapt to all your wishes and provide all the services you need : Private Limousine and Private Chauffeur, booking in restaurants for lunch break…

You are accompanied by a local independent Professional Guide / Specialist, selected based on his / her interest in History and Paris.

Paris History Luxury Private Tour - French Revolution Luxury Private Tour

Paris History Luxury Private Tour - French Revolution

Historic Luxury Tours in Paris, a few examples:

From a few hours to a full day, we can design for you a custom-tailored Historic Luxury Tour.

To keep the exclusivity and uniqueness of our Historic Luxury Tours to our privileged Clientèle, this list is restricted. Naturally, many other custom-tailored Luxury Tours can be arranged at your request.

-Paris in Roman times Luxury Tour …
-Medieval Paris Luxury Tour
-Paris churches and cathedrals Luxury Tour
-Versailles castle Luxury Tour
-Napoleon’s Paris Luxury Tour
-Revolutionary Paris Luxury Tour
-The birth of the United States in Paris Luxury Tour
-Marie Antoinette and Paris Luxury Tour
-WW2 in Paris Luxury Tour: Occupation and Liberation
-And much more…

Contact us so we can start organizing your Historic Luxury Tour.

Each Luxury Tour is custom-tailored and different : price is quoted on demand.